Leaving a legacy is something that individuals and corporations achieve by helping to support impactful change. Since the very start of UC Irvine’s history, donors have and continue to create legacies through their giving. Donors help to create exciting opportunities for research and much needed scholarships.

One of the most inspiring ways that donors are able to help students at the University of California Irvine, is to empower them with opportunities they wouldn’t normally have. UCI is home to a very diverse student population, and is proud to serve underrepresented, and low-income students. These high achieving individuals are often times trying to be first in their family to graduate college.  When funds are available from donors, it helps to create more resources, and this makes a large impact on the lives of many students as well as the University. As a campus community, the more resources we can offer, the better chances that students will stay in school and achieve academic success. This is true impact to the community when each year’s graduating class brings their talents to the work force.

To better facilitate the connection of the individuals who want to give back, here are three traits to look for.

Commitment to Excellence: Individuals who donate are committed to excellence because their support helps to raise the student experience to a level where excellence can be achieved. Donors care about the core mission, and they want to give students the best chances for success. One example can be seen by the donor who gave funds to the Blum Center for Poverty Alleviation to be used as prize money so that the Center could actively participate in the 2016 Paul Merage Business Plan Competition. Having prize money for students who designed business ideas with social impact supported the Blum Center’s mission of facilitating sustainable solutions to poverty both locally and globally. With so many exciting programs on campus, it is gratifying to see donors who help to support UCI’s bright future.

Connected: People often give because they have a connection. Many alumni give back as a way to stay connected to UCI. Various programs within the Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE) leave lasting impressions on students well after graduation. One example is the Campuswide Honors Program (CHP). Those students who participate in the CHP, share a deep connection through the close community that is formed. They often identify first and foremost with being CHP alumni. Programs like these often make the deepest connection with students, and these same students often give back to the programs for future Anteaters. There are many donors, however, who are not alumni, that are drawn to UCI because they connect with the mission of teaching, research and public service. These individuals, companies and foundations support UCI in order to make meaningful impacts in the world.

Enthusiastic: Donors who give to UCI, do so because they are truly enthusiastic about what UCI is doing. Sharing resources with UCI is an act of confidence. Giving to UCI, means that donors believe it is the right place to turn resources into action and tangible outcomes. UCI students are among the highest performing and highest achieving individuals in the nation and even the world. UCI knows this and actively supports student growth through research and exploration. In fact, The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) serves as an excellent example of the power that available resources can have when it comes to research. UROP showcased 750 research projects in their May Symposium, with innovative projects that are bound to have impact that translates well beyond the university walls. These types of programs would not exist without the gracious help of enthusiastic individuals and companies who want to see the Anteater nation continue to thrive, innovate and make an impact on the world.

If you feel like you have the above traits and want to learn how to give back to UCI, or if you know someone who may have these qualities and would like to understand ways to get involved with UCI, please contact Daniel Harper (ddharper@uci.edu) or visitwww.due.uci.edu.