UCAAC 2023 Conference

The 2023 UC Academic Advising Conference: Adapting and Advising in a New Normal, will provide advisors across the UC system the opportunity for personal and professional development. The conference will focus on theories, skills, and technologies that can be used to enhance academic advising practices at each campus. We will discuss research, experience, and innovation, through presentations and workshops, in an effort to align our campus visions and to maximize the success of our students.

Event Information

May 16 – May 17, 2023
UC Irvine Campus
Hosted by University of California, Irvine
Proposals from the 2020 Conference will determine the need for future requests for proposals soon.


Registration Fee
($215 up to 4/2 & $265 as of 4/3)
Registration Opens on Jan 20th
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  • Submission (TBD – using previous submissions from 2020 conference)
  • Proposal Topics
  • Proposal Specifications

Keynote Speakers

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Important Dates

Conference registration opens on Friday, January 20th.
Conference dates: May 16 – May 17, 2023

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Conference Committee/Chairs
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Proposal Topics

(Planning to use proposals from the 2020 Conference and will determine the need for future requests for proposals soon)

Becoming a Better Advisor

Student Wellness

  • Student mental health/wellness
  • Mindfulness/resilience
  • Student Transitions

Advisor Resources

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Campus climate and political landscape
  • Student community
  • Cross-campus collaborations

Advising Specific Student Populations

Student Development

Submission Specifications (Submission opportunity TBD)

Required Specifications

Abstract (200 word limit): A brief description of your program that describes the content of your presentation. This abstract will be published in the program if your proposal is accepted.

 Program Description (750 word limit): A detailed description of your proposed topic and an opportunity to describe why your program is an important and unique contribution to UCAAC 2020. Include any background information, literature, or research. Provide an overview of what people should expect during your presentation. You should provide a description of your methods if presenting on research conducted. What are the goals of your presentation? What are the questions you wish to answer with your presentation? How will the format you have chosen and the research you have conducted achieve the goals of your proposed presentation? What theories will you consider or ask your participants to consider?

TopicsView a list of suggested topics

Learning Outcomes include statements that highlight what participants will learn during your session in terms of knowledge, skills, and/or values. Please include at least one learning outcome in your proposal submission.


The Primary Presenter is the person submitting the proposal and the person the committee will send all communications to. You will have the opportunity to add up to 2 additional presenters on the Proposal Submission form. If your presentation is selected, you may add any additional presenters at that time.

You will have the opportunity to upload any Handouts or Materials you will be using during your presentation. If your materials are not finalized, please email them to the Program Committee once they are.

Proposal Submission (TBD as we will be using submissions from the 2020 Conference until further notice)



UCI Conference Center
UC Irvine Campus
A311 Student Center
Irvine, CA 92697-2050
(949) 824-6987