April 1, 2015


Katy Leakey Reception & Evening Lecture


Reception- 3000 Anteater Research & Instruction Building | 5-6:30PM

Lecture-  Engineering Lecture Hall (ELH) 100 | 7-8:30PM


Please fill out the evening reception RSVP form, here: http://bit.ly/1Cy1GpV



The UCI Blum Center for Global Engagement will be hosting an intimate reception in  3000 Anteater Research & Instruction Building with Katy Leakey on April 1st, 5-6:30PM, followed by a lecture by our guest in Engineering Lecture Hall (ELH) 100 from 7-8:30PM.


Katy Leakey is an artist and designer of The Leakey Collection and has been living and working alongside the Maasai women in the Rift Valley of Kenya for over a decade. Through her work building a sustainable, environmentally-friendly Zulugrass jewelry line, Katy has witnessed the women earn money for the first time, build and refine their skills, and invest deeply into their families and community — all while preserving the traditional culture of the Maasai. Katy will offer her perspective on the power of promoting women’s entrepreneurship to create flourishing communities and wide-ranging stability.


To learn more about Katy Leakey, go to: http://www.leakeycollection.com/about-us.


The Blum Center for Global Engagement was launched in early 2015 at UC Irvine, as part of a larger consortium of Blum Centers (beginning with the Blum Center for Developing Economies at UC Berkeley, established in 2006), across the University of California campuses. The Blum Centers operate on the idea that a world-class university must be a force for tackling the world’s most daunting challenge – poverty.

The Center’s mission is to enable a new generation of students and researchers to ask and address critical questions about economic development that are key prerequisites to devising effective and innovative approaches to alleviating contemporary poverty both locally, in Orange County, and abroad.