The Division of Undergraduate Education would like to announce the new name for its Undecided/Undeclared advising program. Effective July 1, 2016, the name of the advising unit has changed to the UNDERGRADUATE/UNDECLARED ADVISING PROGRAM.

The Undergraduate/Undeclared Advising Program assists new freshmen and lower-division transfer students without a declared major in fostering a successful transition to UCI and creating informed decisions about their educational and career goals.

The name may have changed, but their motto remains the same “DON’T BE UNPREPARED…BE UNDERGRADUATE/UNDECLARED!”

Students who enter UCI as freshmen or sophomores may be uncertain about what major to choose and may not feel ready to declare. Such students may choose to participate in the Undergraduate/Undeclared Advising Program to help them with their decision in choosing a major.

Some students come in as Undergraduate/Undeclared because they want to explore their options. Some may be interested in specific major, but decide to come in as Undergraduate/Undeclared just to keep their options open for the perfect fit of a major.

In order to make an informed decision and foster clear educational and career goals, students not only have to know about the degrees UCI has to offer, but also be aware of their own abilities and interests. Students in the Undergraduate/Undeclared Advising Program are able to participate in a variety of programs that are designed to provide students with the information and experience they need to make the most of their academic career at UCI.

If you have specific questions about the Undergraduate/Undeclared Advising Program, please contact Kim Ayala (, Director of the Undergraduate/Undeclared Advising Program.