The Blum Center for Poverty Alleviation hosted a launch party/informal coffee hour Friday, November 4, 2016 from 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM at the Global Viewpoint Lounge to help UCI undergraduates, faculty, and staff learn about their new course PP&D 115: Global Poverty and Inequality in the 21st Century.

As everyone walked in, we were politely and warmly greeted. We were asked to sign a sheet with our names and email information. Then, we were encouraged to grab breakfast and listen to Professor Matthew, who was speaking as we walked in.

During the coffee hour, Professor Richard Mathew spoke about the course’s goals which are also  presented in this video:

“One of the goals of this course is to make poverty more concrete and more visible.”  -Richard Mathew

“We will delve into poverty from a number of perspectives: poverty as it plays out in public health, poverty as a security issue, poverty in terms of families and gender, [and] poverty and education.” -Richard Mathew

The Blum Center staff were very friendly and happy to answer questions about the course that will be offered during Winter Quarter of 2017.

Coordinated with UCI Media Services, the 10-week course is entirely online and available to all UCI undergraduates.

The course will offer an introduction to the study of poverty, inequality, and social justice, both in the US and globally, with the goal of preparing students to think critically about the subject.

The study of poverty and inequality will be approached from a multidisciplinary perspective determining what poverty is, what causes poverty, and how poverty can be alleviated as well as covering topics related to poverty (education, health, environment, disaster, gender, and technology).

The course trailer, which includes Professor Richard Matthew discussing the course topics and goals, is now available online. More information about the course is available on the Blum Center’s website.

Search course code 53090 on the UCI Schedule of Classes to see course details. To receive enrollment instructions and information, sign up for the Waitlist.