On numerous occasions UC Irvine and the Office of the Vice Provost in particular have expressed a growing concern with the future of institutional learning — calling for continual adaptation in order to suit the changing needs of a diversified student population and a swiftly evolving globally centered job market. This is why the Office of the Vice Provost is excited to see that focus reflected in the New York Times’ article ranking UCI as #4 in upward mobility, with 81% of students from the bottom fifth of the income distribution ending up in the top three-fifths. The increased cost of higher education — a hot topic this past year for all UC students — has recently come under scrutiny, and economic research notes what college students have already become all too aware of : namely, that universities today have become increasingly alienated from their original goal of creating real opportunities for upward social mobility, regardless of the socioeconomic status of their students. Congratulations UCI on continuing to maintain a standard not just of excellence, but accessibility!

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