Great news! The Association of American Colleges and Universities identifies freshman seminar experiences as a high impact educational practice providing benefits to many college students including those in traditional underserved groups.  UCI’s Freshman Seminar Program is hosted by the Division of Undergraduate Education and offers seminars for new freshmen every quarter. We are asking for proposals for those who would like to teach a DUE freshman seminar in 2017-18. We provide a $1,500 research stipend to faculty for each seminar taught as an overload.

Applications for fall 2017 seminars are due by April 28, 2017 to allow sufficient time to schedule and advertise seminars before new students enroll in classes.

For complete information, please see the freshman seminar website:

See “Q&A” about freshman seminars here:

To propose a seminar, please see the online application form.

When you apply, be sure to indicate the quarter you prefer to teach.

All current Senate Faculty are eligible to teach Freshman Seminars. We will consider a maximum of one application per instructor per quarter. We ask that you submit a copy of your tentative syllabus when you apply or shortly thereafter. Your syllabus should be sent to Should we receive more applications than we are able to accommodate, your syllabus will help us make our selection. In addition, we will take into consideration the range of disciplines being offered each quarter and the total number of seminars you are applying to teach in 2017-18.  Only one application at a time can be submitted to the online system.  This system is cleared every few months allowing for a second application to be submitted if you wish to submit more than one application a year.

Please contact Associate Dean Vickie Basolo with any questions,