Recently UC Irvine was named one of the top 10 colleges by the beach. But as so many of our students find out too late, being near is not the same thing as being at the beach. We hope you take a day to kick back and fully enjoy all Irvine has to offer. To learn more about our student’s experiences, the Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning put together a survey asking students what their favorite beach activities might be. From this survey, we’ve compiled the top 10 things college students like to do at the beach.

Study Session in the Sand

Studying at the beach can be a rewarding experience. College students are studying 24/7, so why not take your studying to the sand next to some soothing waves. The only thing lacking at the beach is wifi. So we recommend studying material that isn’t on the Internet. Or make sure you can turn your phone into a hotspot for you and your study buddies!

Take Nap in the Shade

Maybe the day started out with a little light class reading, but it’s hard to deny tired eyes, and the beach is the perfect place to catch up on some ZZzzz’s. For sleep deprived, over-worked college students, it doesn’t get much better than a day of R&R in the sun. Just make sure to slather on the sunscreen or better yet bring an umbrella before snoozing off in this warm August weather.

Workout Along the Waves

Whether it’s low-tide yoga, or simply running in the sand, the beach is a perfect place to workout when you don’t feel like being stuck indoors. College students often fall victim to crowded gymnasiums, sweating alongside their fellow anteaters. Try something new and take a few friends, a ball, or some headphones for a solo run along the beach to allow for a relaxing experience and a great workout.

Have a Classic Beach Bonfire

Having a bonfire at UC Irvine’s beaches close by is a great memory to make with your friends from college. This is a perfect opportunity for any college student to bond with their club, co-workers, fraternity, sorority, etc. Try to start a group chat to see who’s interested, and plan accordingly. Each friend can pitch in and be in charge of bringing something such as food, firewood, lighter fluid, water, etc. Planning ahead what materials to bring, and who’s ride splitting will lead to a more successful and fun filled bonfire.

Play a Game

Bring along a football, a frisbee, or a boomerang if you really want to get interesting. There’s plenty of room for all your friends to ‘go long’ at the beach — just be sure not to throw it into the water! Beach volleyball is a time honored tradition, and don’t worry if you don’t have enough players. Ask somebody new to join your game and pretty soon you’ll have some new friends too!

Meet New People

Meeting new people can be even more exciting during a fun filled day at the beach. There are plenty of events held at local beaches that allow college students to interact with other people in their age range. From US Open of Surfing to Corgi Day, the events are endless. Check out Facebook for beach events and make sure to invite your friends so they can share in the fun.

Take Cute Postable Photos

It’s no secret college students post beach pictures on a favorite social media platform all the time. Don’t deny that you love to post a good #BeachDay photo! To pile on the likes, take creative photos next to the water, with your friends, or a #selfie in some killer sunglasses — all that matters is that you share on your social media app of choice. For an extra tip, tagging your location and all your friends in your beach photo alongside you will help create even more traction!

Fun Physical Activities

It’s never too late to try new things out of your comfort zone. Surfing, sailing, kayaking, water boarding or cycling are all fun activities college students should try with their friends at least once. Look into renting or buying the equipment you need at your local beach so you can get advice from the experts, and test what you may or may not like without commitment. Who knows, you may find a new passion that gets you out of the house, and into the sun!

Picnic with a View

Not the sporty type? One of the most romantic dates you can take your prospective guy or gal on could be an impromptu beach picnic. All you need is some takeout and a blanket to make another boring dinner into a date worth remembering. Besides isn’t there something about the salt air that gives people an appetite?

Not the picnic type? There are plenty of great food options, with an oceanside view. From restaurants to taco stands and food carts, the options are enormous — though oceanside seafood is usually the freshest. Why not take advantage of the full college experience and try out new food in the area? Yelp something delicious near the beach, or ask friends for food recommendations (at affordable prices).  

Swim in the Ocean

Seemingly obvious, but what beats a salty swim in the ocean! Swimming can be extremely fun, especially with waves crashing against you. To truly make it into a bonding experience, have your closest friends feel the cold alongside you! Make sure that everyone is an experienced swimmer if you plan on venturing out deeper than you can stand. Safety first, and have fun!

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