UCI’s Alumni Association in partnership with SpeakerHub is launching a UCI-specific SpeakerHub! SpeakerHub is a free website that allows users to be invited to speaking engagements in the classroom and at student events. The Alumni Association and SpeakerHub’s founder have teamed up to create a portal in which alumni, faculty, staff, and possibly even students can sign up to showcase their speaking experience and better connect with UCI-affiliated speaking engagements. Signing up for the portal is absolutely free, and the first fifty to sign up will be granted an automatic upgrade to SpeakerHub’s VIP account which gives the user more visibility and benefits. The website is set to launch mid September.

This UCI-centered SpeakerHub will serve as a portal to facilitate the connection between and UCI speakers and UCI events looking for speakers. Here are some benefits to joining the portal.

  1. Engagement: Being listed on the UCI speaker directory empowers more alumni, faculty, staff, and students to engage on campus. Having an easy-to-use, clear alumni speaker directory will encourage them to reach out and connect with UCI.
  1. Speaker profiles: Alumni, faculty, staff, and students can create speaker profiles to highlight their skills and experience. It is made extra easy with its LinkedIn compatibility. The profiles can include information about availability and expertise. It’s a multimedia-rich platform: you can include videos, photos, and slides. You can also attach portfolio material like articles, books, awards, and testimonials.
  1. Findability: Alumni, faculty, staff, and students can be contacted for more on-campus events. Being listed will help campus staff find and reach out to more UCI-affiliated speakers to invite them to speak at on-campus events.
  1. Right person for the right event: If you are a unit, department, club or student group, this platform can help you search for guest speakers. There are search tools that make it easy to find speakers, and if you are a speaker, it will be easy for people to find you. Fill in your specific topics, expertise and fields of interest, languages, keywords, locations, and you’ll be instantly findable.
  1. New speaking opportunities: Find more opportunities to share your expertise outside of UCI. SpeakerHub has a growing list of partners and event organizers who use the site to find the right speakers for their events. By adding your profile to the network, these partners and event organizers can find you and start contacting you about their upcoming events.
  1. Event listing: UCI can list upcoming events and calls for speakers.  Event organizers can also search the database specifically to find the perfect speakers or ask them to apply.
  1. Statistics: Reporting tools will give you unique insights and statistics. See your speaker page’s traffic, how many people have viewed it, and which keywords were used to find you.
  1. No commission: SpeakerHub doesn’t charge a commission fee, so it’s free to use and simple to set up. From speaker agencies to volunteer organizations, speakers across the world are creating their profiles and making new connections.
  1. SkillCamp: Gain access to a wealth of helpful tips, infographics, webinars and resources on how to manage your speaking business, become a better presenter, and find more relevant opportunities.

If you’re short on time, SpeakerHub’s assistant will help you create a profile for you based on your Linkedin or website – just let us know by going to https://speakerhub.com/contact-us.

Questions or need help? Contact Barney Ellis-Perry at barney@uci.edu or (949) 824-9741

UCI students are allowed to sign up, but they must be approved. Get information about approval by emailing Keely Ganivet  kganivet@exchange.uci.edu  or visiting the Newkirk Alumni Center.