Writing means sharing — sharing experiences, sharing stories, sharing lives. And in the age of digital communication and social media, there are many ways to share. Here at UCI, we understand the importance of writing as a basis for communication of all kinds. That’s why UCI is pleased to host the 2019 SoCal Writing Centers Association Tutor Conference.

The association facilitates collaboration and cooperation among the various Writing Centers of Southern California. By organizing meetings for tutors and directors, the Association encourages diversity of dialogue about writing centers and writing tutoring from all levels of public and private education. It is UCI’s hope that the 2019 tutoring conference will be used as a launching pad for our tutors to further their research or pursue a career within the field.

To check it out, UCI sent two of the Writing Center’s staff members to attend the 2017 directors meeting at Biola University where they led lead a professional development workshop. By all accounts, ESL Writing Specialist Percival Guevarra and the Campus Writing Center’s Associate Director Sue Cross knocked it out of the park. These meetings are important venues for collaboration across the state, as they draw talented people from a diverse writing centers. Professionals from large research universities and two-year colleges alike come together for a day of sharing the challenges they face in meeting the needs of their students.

Biola University’s Provost, Deborah Taylor, opened with a welcome, thanking the Writing Center superstars for the work they do in elevating student achievement through writing instruction. Denise Stephenson from MiraCosta College then led an in-service training about keeping things in perspective when facing challenges on the job. Because the mission of the writing centers is typically broad and diverse, the challenges are formidable.

Said Vice Provost Michael Dennin: “The Writing Center is one of the best and most underutilized resources here on campus. I don’t think students realize how diverse the help they offer really is. Writing affects all areas of academic success, and students who choose to improve their writing in their personal time see huge improvements in other areas.”

During lunch, attendees had the opportunity to share their campuses’ promotional materials such as flyers, posters, and handouts. UCI’s Percival Guevarra then led a communication workshop on improving collaborations in spontaneous work environments.
The Writing Center upholds UCI’s commitment to being First in Class by actively collaborating with other institutions to make student support programs the best they can be for students.

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