Whether you are interviewing for jobs, connecting with loved ones, or expressing yourself in an increasingly digital world, communication is everything. The words we choose and how we use them are of vital importance to our daily lives and future goals. 

But what do we really know about language? While we use it to communicate every day, it is something that many of us take for granted.

As Dr. Benjamin Mis posits, “Language is probably the biggest thing that makes humans human. It’s the biggest thing that separates us from animals, the biggest tool that we have. And I think understanding more about how it works for us is understanding how our minds work.”

In Dr. Mis’ four-unit course Introduction to Linguistics (LSCI 3), students will gain a better understanding of language by breaking it down and studying the patterns that emerge. While incredibly complex when taken as a whole, students will find that language, even unknown languages, can be understood when broken down into smaller pieces.

Held during Summer Session I, Introduction to Linguistics offers students an opportunity to fulfill general education requirements III (Social and Behavioral Sciences) and Vb (Quantitative, Symbolic, and Computational Reasoning-Formal Reasoning). 

As the course will be taught remotely, Dr. Mis is taking steps to ensure that students have easy access to course materials and ample opportunities to earn a good grade. For instance, Dr. Mis will host live lectures for students to watch and participate in. These lectures will also be recorded and reposted for students who are unable to attend in real-time. Grades will be comprised of small assignments where students will apply current insights into the nature of language and utilize the skills they will develop during the course.

Students interested in learning more about the heart of language and how to perform linguistic analysis can apply for LSCI 3 using course code 65020 until June 19 here.